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137 Cows & Calves (out of 154 mob) – TIME PAYMENT UNTIL 1ST JULY 2019

Average 370-380kg

These cows are of a Shorthorn X Belmont Red base and calves are by Rangeland Brangus composite bull mix of Red and Black bulls.

Herd has been in a controlled joining system for the last 9 years with a heavy focus on fertility.

These cows started calving at the start of November, through to second week in January. Calves 3 month old to 3 weeks. Cows Re-Joined 8/1/2019 to Rangeland Brangus and Valera Vale Droughtmaster bulls.

Cows range from body score 1 to 3 with the majority being 2-2.5. As photos show there is a small % of the cows with scurs. Cows are conventional and all calves are organic USDA NOP.

All cows are very easy to handle in the paddock and yards with an excellent temperament.

Age break down from Preg Testing 6/6/2018

Red Tad No 15- 1 (has knock down hip)

Purple Tag No 14- 54

Orange Tag No 12- 68, (1 with a lump on jaw, 1 with swelling on navel the size of a rockmelon)

Green Tag N0 11- 20 ( with one blue tag) 2 with lumps on there jaws

There was another 10 in the count but not aged would be a mix of No 11, 12

Total- 154

$1200 / head on farm Cooladi

Please contact Peter Elmes 0428 666 546