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Beef Cattle Partner


Traditional property ownership and cattle ownership is not suited to all operations for various reasons including market access and cash flow limitations. To address this, Allied Beef can own cattle and place them on your property to maximise the production of the property leading to improved cash-flow.

Under these partnerships, the property partner decides the cattle program best suited to their property and Allied Beef tailors it to maximise production capacity and resulting margins from the property. Allied Beef develops a tailored cattle program that targets the production of breeder, stocker, feeder or slaughter cattle suited to premium beef cattle in either the domestic or export market.

Contract Breeding

Contract Breeding offers property owners structured breeding programs that lead to improved and known income streams. Through working with Allied Beef, Wagyu, Bos Taurus and Bos Indicus programs can be tailored to meet an individual property given its production history, location and the owners objectives.  Under these arrangement flexible buy back agreements for progeny provide property owners with predictable income. Furthermore, Allied Beef can supply bulls if required to be matched with your current breeding herd.


Looking for funding to purchase more cattle? Allied Beef can tailor a cattle funding package to assist your livestock business with 100% funding of cattle. These cattle can either be cattle purchased or home bred and being produced on grass or grain fed programs. Under both arrangements, Allied Beef pays all costs associated directly with cattle therefore leading to improved cashflow for you. Through working closely with Allied Beef to fund cattle, clients also gain access to our procurement, collective marketing and alliance programs, each delivering additional value.

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