Allied Beef
Australia's Premium
Beef Cattle Partner

Cows/ calves & PTIC Cows

140 Cows and Calves 120 PTIC Cows for sale

  • Cows are Predominately Santa/ Angus/ Charolais cross
  • Cows are 3-10 years old. Very few are older
  • Calves are fresh to 5 months old
  • Rejoined to Santa bulls in October
  • Wet cows to average approximately 450 to 460kg PTIC cows 480 to 500kg
  • A good run of middle aged cows to suit the re-stocker
  • Numbers are subject to preg test

$1700 plus GST for the Cows and calves

$1400 plus GST for the PTIC cows

On farm, Charleville